Blog Photoshop effect Tutorials: How to add Sunset effect in to your picture

Photoshop effect Tutorials: How to add Sunset effect in to your picture

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Photoshop sunset effect


Every Designer asking question about Adobe Photoshop

How to add Photoshop sunset effect in to my picture?

Photoshop effects final

Well today I’m going to show you a technique that Sunset Effect you get high quality design from every type of photos that you publish.

It’s very simple

This Basic Photoshop effect tutorial helps you best tricks to making this beautiful in your photograph.

This effect helps your Face book profile picture, Twitter, Pinter-est and other social media picture is most beautiful.

You can use the following simple steps

Open your photograph in Photoshop

Open your favourite photograph.

sunset effect

Now you are showing the color of the photograph is dull color. We need to change this color to yellow tone and remove the bluish color in this photograph. Color Balance menu is the great tool for change color in any photographs.


Go to Image > Adjustments submenu > Color Balance

Color balance menu

Color Balance Shor cut is Ctrl+ B

Now showing the color balance menu. You can adjust color balance > Color Levels.

Add the Values given below

Cyan = +100

Magenta = +49

Yellow = -100

Click the Mid tone radio button, Tick the Preserve Luminosity.

and then click OK button.

sunset effect yellow

Now we are completed the image color tone.

Do you need sun light in a photograph?

Next stages we are studying create sun light in this picture. You can use this technique in any photograph from image collections in your library.

2 Create new layer in a Layer menu.

Photoshop new layer menu

Photoshop new layer menu

Layer Palette shortcut is F7

Layer menu

Short cut key is New Layer Shift +Ctrl+N

3 Draw a circle with Elliptical Marquee tool (Short cut M). You can draw any size of the circle.

Marquee tool in Photoshop

Add feather option in a selection. Feather option makes circle edge is more blur. Shortcut of  Feather option in Adobe Photoshop is Alt+Ctrl+D.

Feather option

After applying the feather option appearing a small Feather Selection box. You can add value of Feather Radius. I was applied 90 pixels and submit OK button.

Text Feather

Go to select menu >

4 Fill the Gradient color , Short cut is G.

I am using the Colors Red, Yellow, White, because the following colours are most suitable for sunset effect.

Gradient tool

If you want edit gradient color use the following steps.

Gradient in Menu bar

Just see the gradient window, It’s  easy edit your favourite color. Click the small button and pick your color in a color palette and click OK button.

Fill Gradient color

5 Just drag and fill the color in to the selection with Gradient tool.

Dragging direction relates color variations and it may be change your sunset most beautiful.

Deselect selection

After fill the gradient color in to the selection, the photograph will show like sunset.

Look… bottom line photograph.

Photoshop sunset effect

You are going to final stage of the Adobe Photoshop sunset effect.

Last one is Deselect the Selection

Go to Selection menu from the top menu bar.  Select > Deselect.  Short cut of the Deselect menu is Ctrl+D.


If any doubts about this Photoshop tutorial just comments in the below box.

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