Blog Photoshop text effects tutorials Candy design for beginners

Photoshop text effects tutorials Candy design for beginners

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Photoshop text effects

Photoshop text effects

Are you thinking Photoshop text effect study very hard?


Photoshop text effect tutorials studying is very simple.

Today I am showing the Best Text candy effect in Photoshop.

This Photoshop text candy effect helps your online business needs such as Graphic design, Banner design, Logo design, Flayer Design and business cards etc.

Previous Tutorial we are studied Honey effects in Photoshop for beginners.  I think this tutorial helps for your designing skills.

Photoshop text effect tutorial for beginners

You can just follow these steps

1. New Page in Photoshop

Open Photoshop in your computer and create new page.

I am using the following page size and resolution.
(Resolutions for a web purpose  is better 72, but Quality printing purpose resolution is suitable 300)

Go to File menu > New

Page Size 600 px X 400px Resolution 300. Color Mode is best for web RGB or Printing purpose  best color mode is CMYK.   and Click OK. Save this document in your Computer.

new page in photoshop

2. Fill Background color

I am using Golden Yellow Color Code is  (FABE31).

You can fill the background color from Paint Bucket tool or use the shortcut key Alt+Delete Key

Fill color option

3. Apply the Feather option

Now moving another step.

Create a back ground glow effect.  Just Draw a circle with Lasso tool (L) or Elliptical marquee tool(M).

Click Select menu top from top menu bar and Click the Feather option (Alt+Ctrl+D). Feather option using for to Blur the selections edge.


Text Effect

4. Add feather value

Now showing a feather menu box.  Just add the Feather radius 90 pixels.  Click the OK button.

Text Feather

5. Go to Layer menu create new Layer and fill white color in to the selection.

Deselect the Selection Go to Select menu > Deselect (Ctrl+D). Now the area is showing white color blend in to the background.

Just see the bottom line.


Text Effect Bg

5. Just Type the letter Design use by the Type tool (T)

Type Tool

Now you are showing the word design in black color.

This text “Design” no showing very flat image.  We want to apply the various effects in this text such as Drop shadow, Outer Glow, Bevel and emboss, stroke.

Text Typing Effect

6. Drop Shadow effects

Next step apply the Drop shadow effect.

Go to Layer  > Layer Style > Drop Shadow.

Drop shadow color is dark brown color code is 4B1019

Distance of the drop shadow value is 2, spread value is 89, Size of the drop shadow is 20


7. Outer Glow effects

This effects using for small glow in a text and more effective for separate in back ground and text.


8. Bevel and Emboss effects

This effect most useful for emboss text from background. Size value is 13 and soften value is 8.


Shading part – Highlight mode is Normal and color is very light yellow (Color code: FFEFC5), Opacity 100 and Shadow mode normal color is light brown (Color code is B27575).

Text Effect Bevel and emboss

9. Stroke effect option

Stroke effects is using for the purpose of  text looking very lengthy and shiny.

Size of the stroke is 18 and position mode is Outside Opacity is 100%.

You can keep the fill Type section Fill type is Gradient.  Gradient brown color and light brown color. Gradient style is Linear.  If any doubt just see the below.

Text Effect Stroke

Now we are completed the first stage of the Design.  Just see the below image.

Design effect showing


Looking like image is very shiny and glowing.  But centre part is very dark black.

10. Type the Text “Design”

Next stage we are studying Black color text part to emboss white color.

You are looking Text part is black.

Type the word “Design” in the top area of the background.

Text typing

If any doubt Just see the below image.

The purpose of the Typing the word just add some text effects such as Drop shadow, Inner shadow, Bevel and emboss, Gradient overlay, stroke etc.

Type Again

11. Apply the Drop Shadow effect

Again we are going to Layer >Layer style > Drop shadow.


Color of the drop shadow is white color (Code is FFFFFF).

design drop shadow


Drop shadow effects Distance is 5 px, Spread 93%, Size 12 px.


design inner shadow

12. Apply inner shadow effect

Next step you can click the Inner shadow effect.  It creates depth of an Image.

Inner shadow option provides various options Distance, Opacity, Distance, size etc.

The value of these options is Opacity 100%, Distance 3 px, Chokes 70 %, Size 3 px.

design bevel and emboss

13. Bevel and Emboss effect

Bevel and Emboss effect is a next step.

Lots of options are viewing in this window.

Just use some options Style, Depth, Size, Angle, Highlight mode, Opacity etc.

The following changes applying Bevel and Emboss option > Structure.

Style go to Inner Bevel, Technique for Smooth, Depth is 60%, Size 6 px. Shading part apply the following changes.

Shading Angle -30, Altitude 80%, Highlight mode > multiply. Color code is CAB997, Opacity 100%, Shadow Mode Normal and Color White.

This included Bevel and Emboss effect can’t show now.  The effect will show after applying the Gradient effect.

design gradient overlay

14. Gradient Overlay effect

Applying Gradient Overlay effect

Gradient Overlay effect using is very simple.  Blend mode is Normal, Gradient option change color Spanish white E5D7B5 and White color.

If you want to edit gradient color Just see the below image.


Gradient color edit

After applying the gradient effect you will see like below image.

Design stroke effect

15. Last and Final step is Move this layer to over the all ready created layer.

design effect view


You can see the very stunning candy effect. You can try to do this Photoshop effects tutorial.

final design view


If any doubts about this photoshop tutorial just comments in the below box.

Thank you for visiting and see you again at the upcoming notifications and next post update!



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