Blog How to remove hair background in Photoshop?

How to remove hair background in Photoshop?

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background removal in Photoshop

Everyone searching in google for easy way for remove background in Photoshop.

The following questions and answers are given below?

How to remove hair background in a picture?

How to get Photoshop for background removal hair tutorial?


The simple and easy steps to solve your problems.

remove hair background in Photoshop

Before Image

Transparent background

After the Image

Method 1 : Use Extract option in Photoshop

1.First step is Open your picture in your computer.

I am just open a sample picture. We want to remove the background of this picture. This is not a risk job.

Background removal in photoshop


2. Use Extract Option

You can see the above the menu bar in Photoshop. Just click the Filter menu then show Extract option.

Short cut key of Extract option in Photoshop is Alt+Ctrl+X.  After showing Extract option window.

Then you can see in right side

  • Tool options
  • Extraction
  • Preview

Left side you can see the Tools Such as

  • Brush tool,
  • Bucket Tool
  • Eraser tool etc.

background removal filter menu

3. Use Brush tool

You can see the left side tool box.  You can use first tool brush tool.

Just see the below picture. I am using arrow pointing to the brush tool.

Click the brush tool and draw the line on the side of the hair. Do you need to increase brush size.

You can use the right side Tool option box. This providing Brush size, Highlight color and fill color.


background-remove filter

4. Connect the Brush Line

Draw the line and connect the start to end line.

Any doubt just see the below image.

Draw the line with brush tool

5. Fill the color

Just use the second tool (Paint bucket tool) in the left side tool box. Click and fill the color in to the non cropped area of the picture. Just see the picture.

Fill the color

6. Final Stage

You are reached the final stage of the background removal option in Photoshop.

Just click the Ok button.

click ok button

After click the OK button, You can get transparent background image. You can fill any color in the background.

Transparent background

If any doubts about this Photoshop tutorial just comments in the below box. I will reply.

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