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How to copy and paste in Photoshop

Do you want copy and paste one image to another image.

Here I am sharing you simple 9 Step by stem method.

You can open One images in Photoshop

  1. Open a picture

Sun looking

First step is just use picture from your computer. We are going to copy and paste in to another background.

  • You can open a picture in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop CC software in your computer.

2. Select Pen Tool

Tool box with move tool

Pen Tool (path tool) using for cut image. Pen tool Shortcut is P.

3. Draw Selection with pen tool

Draw picture with pen tool

Draw with pen tool in the edges of the picture.

4. Make a selection

Convert path to selection

You can right click of your mouse. See the menu click Make Selection option. You can see the make selection menu in the window.

Make selection Menu

5. Copy the Selected image

Copy the selected area

Go to Edit menu click copy menu.

6. Open another image from your computer

Flower background picture

I have used in Flower background picture.

7. Use move tool

Move selected image

8. Paste image in to the new background

Go to paste option in the Edit image. Use Key Ctrl + V option or Move image to new background.

Transform image

8. Transform Image.

Use Transform option

Go to Edit click Free transform option or use short cut Ctrl+T

9. Click and Drag Transform selection

Use and Drag the Nodes of the transform selection and Click Enter Button.

Click and Drag transform

9. Final Image

Final out put copy and paste file


Hopefully, you have found the perfect manipulation tutorial to follow and to improve your skills. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and final results in the comments section.


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